Crazy allegations against Johny Depp

On Thursday, Amber Heard took the witness stand. With explosive statements.

Shock. “Johnny Depp raped me with a bottle” – with this statement Amber Heard (35) shocked the jury and the whole world in the dirtiest celebrity trial of all time. The actress took the stand on Thursday and spoke out against her ex-husband. With tears she told that Johnny had repeatedly used violence on her. “I thought he was going to kill me,” she said.

Heard: “Johnny coke with my father”

intoxication In 2013, Johnny Depp proposed to Amber Heard. Strange things happened at the engagement party. Depp was completely on drugs and even took coke with Heard’s father. “I’ve seen it. My dad was just as addicted to the stuff as Johnny. One of them suddenly ran out of drugs that night and then they needed more. They left the party and my dad drove off with Johnny’s bodyguards to get more drugs!” Amber Heard told the court outraged. Depp was so addicted that he even searched for drugs in Amber’s body: “He put his fingers in me.”

Exciting. To prove these claims, Heard shared photos of Depp in delirium and one of himself with a black eye. The other side now wants to prove that their descriptions are just pipe dreams.
It’s about $ 50 million in the defamation lawsuit – and Depp’s Hollywood career.