“Creativity has no schedule, it can arise at any time”

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Honduran singer Antonio Asfura successfully returns to the rhythm of the theme “Hitting”. The song, which has even conquered the Honduran dial, is only part of what Asfura brings to his musical project for this year.

In interview with THE HERALDthe artist tells us the details of this song that sounds strong.

How was this return to making music? After the passage of the pandemic, how did this period mark you creatively?

I think that we all lived a unique experience with the passage of the pandemic, surely it made us reflect in a deeper way on a personal level and on the level of what we are as human beings. During a period like this, creativity is a bit stifled, as your mind is thinking about all those people, friends and family that are being affected.

But creativity has no schedule, it can arise at any time. And when this happens, it usually transmits in a peculiar way those sensations, feelings or thoughts of that moment.

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“Pegando”, a danceable song, how did the idea of ​​creating it come about?

“Pegando” is a Latin urban pop song that I composed together with David Anthony and Natalis Ruby Rubero that emerges as a sequence of what was my previous song, “Chicle”, which was very successful not only in Honduras but also in other countries. . We wanted to maintain that same line of musical production, with that Arabized touch that is very popular in my songs.

How do you welcome the support you always receive from Honduras for your music?

Always very grateful to my people from Honduras. The support for my music and the love they show me is unmatched. Having been in the #1 position on national radio in Honduras for two consecutive weeks with my new song “Pegando” is something that makes me feel more committed to my fans.

What projects will you be focused on in the coming months?

I am working on more songs. I have well advanced lyrics and melodies and in the next few days we will start the musical production of another song. I am very motivated, and I will always give my best for all of you.

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