Crime scene Rick Okon: Sad news reached him while eating

“Tatort” star Rick Okon: Sad news reached him at dinner

03/22/2022 at 10:59 p.m

Tatort: ​​These are the most well-known investigative teams

Tatort: ​​These are the most well-known investigative teams

The crime series “Tatort” has been delighting German TV viewers for decades. On Sundays at 8:15 p.m., different teams of inspectors solve murder cases on ARD. 22 investigative teams are currently investigating in 20 German cities, as well as in Vienna and Zurich. We introduce you to the most famous current line-ups.

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For many, this news wascrime scene“A real shock to fans. Just when the Dortmund commissioners Faber and Bönisch had just gotten closer, after years they finally gave the first kiss and the way to a happy ending for the tragic figures, who always hovered between self-hatred and self-expression, was free, Bönisch became shot in a dramatic finale.

But not only for the fans was the “crime scene“-Martina Bönisch’s death was a shock. The people who were allowed to work with Bönisch actress Anna Schudt were also shocked by the farewell.

“Tatort”-Dortmund: Anna Schudt’s farewell left nobody cold

They had heard about Schudt’s departure much earlier. They have known about it for about two years, reports Faber actor Jörg Hartmann to this editorial office.


That’s the crime scene Dortmund:

  • The Dortmund crime scene has existed since 2012
  • The main roles are played by Jörg Hartmann as Chief Inspector Faber and Anna Schudt, who played the role of Martina Bönisch until she died in the film in the previous crime scene
  • Also in the Dortmund Tatort team: Jan Pawlak (played by Rick Okon) and Rosa Herzog (played by Stefanie Reinsperger)
  • To date, 22 films from Dortmund have been released


And Rick Okon, who plays the role of Jan Pawlak in the Dortmund “Tatort”, found out early on about Anna Schudt’s farewell.

“Tatort” star Rick Okon found out about his colleague’s farewell while eating

“We were eating,” reports Okon to this editorial office. Okon continues: “We had dinner together and then she told us.”

His first thought: “Oh man, what a pity. Anna is leaving.” He did not have in mind that his role could now become a bigger one in Dortmund’s “crime scene”. “I didn’t think that my role would be enlarged now. Not at all,” says the 32-year-old, who also plays in the series version of “Das Boot”.


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Saying goodbye to Anna Schudt also affected her long-time colleague Jörg Hartmann. He honestly says: “It was pure horror.”