Crisis summit planned with Prince Harry

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From: Susanne Kroeber


The dispute between Prince Harry and his family threatens to jeopardize the coronation of King Charles III. to overshadow. Camilla now wants to organize a crisis talk to save the ceremony.

London – It’s supposed to be his big day. For 70 years, King Charles III. (74) as the eternal heir to the throne, since the death of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) on September 8, 2022, Charles has been king. But the official coronation is still pending. On May 6, the 74-year-old will be crowned king in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey. But the anticipation is clouded, because the rift with Prince Harry (38) hovers like a sword of Damocles over the British royal family.

“It wasn’t Charles who insisted on the summit”: Camilla wants to save Charles’ coronation

The Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” about the love story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (41) was the beginning, in his biography “Reserve” (“Spare”) Harry follows up and reveals explosive stories about his family. His brother Prince William (40) in particular does not get away well in Harry’s memoirs, but his wife Kate Middleton (41) and Prince Harry’s father Charles are also held accountable. However, Harry criticizes his mother-in-law Camilla (75) the most. She of all people now wants to bring the family to one table.

Crisis summit planned with Prince Harry
Will Camilla (centre), Prince Harry (right) reconcile with Charles (left) and the rest of the royal family? (Montage) © IMAGO/i Images/picture alliance/dpa/Fabian Strauch

“Everyone in the palace is afraid that fratricidal war will overshadow the coronation. The coronation is an event of the century and nothing should distract from it.”a palace insider explains According to the source, a crisis summit should therefore be prepared feverishly. But the king himself should not be the driving force behind the peace efforts. “It wasn’t Charles who insisted on the summit,” the insider said. Instead, Queen Consort Camilla took care of the matter. This is reported by

Coronation of British monarchs

The coronation of the British monarchs traditionally takes place in Westminster Abbey in London. In the solemn ceremony, the Archbishop of Canterbury inaugurates the Queen or King. Parts of the service are the taking of the oath by the monarch, the presentation of the Bible and the crown jewels, the anointing and finally the coronation with the St. Edward’s crown.

Palace plans crisis summit – will Harry and Meghan’s plans fail?

Accordingly, Charles, Camilla, Harry, William, Meghan and Kate should attend the crisis summit. Not an easy task, because Prince Harry has already made it clear that the royal family must first apologize to him and especially to Meghan so that the two can even attend the coronation. “The palace prepares the crisis summit”the insider points out “Calendars have to be coordinated, but there must also be a willingness to participate at all.”

According to the palace source, a reconciliation of the quarreling parties could fail primarily due to Prince Harry. “William is ready for it. But many doubt that Harry and Meghan are interested in it. ”The talks are likely to be difficult in any case if the crisis summit takes place. Among other things, Prince Harry had accused family members of “going to bed with the devil to polish their image.” Sources used: