Cristiano seeing the luxury car that Georgina has given him

    The Netflix docureality ‘I’m Georgina’ we saw something that was not a surprise to anyone: the family of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez lives surrounded by luxuries. This Christmas, They themselves have once again demonstrated it through their social networks by showing photos of their living room surrounded by gifts belonging to some of the most expensive firms. But, as expected, the Christmas details of Gio and Cristiano would not stop at that and something much more ostentatious and expensive was about to arrive in the garden of their house: a luxury car valued at more than 330,000 euros.

    Georgina Rodríguez seems to know her partner’s tastes very well, since she has left a real pasture to increase her car collection. Now, a silver Roll-Royce convertible will preside over Cristiano Ronaldo’s garage. The ‘celebrity’ has been in charge of giving the gift to Cristiano in a very familiar environment. Surrounded by all her children and their friendsGeorgia appeared to surprise the soccer player dressed in red, matching the giant bow that the car had. Look at Cristiano’s reaction!

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    Cristiano, who had his daughter Alana in his arms, he stays stonea when a Santa Claus arrives at his house to deliver such a car. Automatically, the whole family gets into the vehicle to take a walk while those present shout “what a car!”. The soccer player did not want to overlook the detail of your partner and he wanted to thank him in front of his more than 523 million followers on Instagram posting a photo of the two of them in the car and writing: “Thank you, my love.”

    Christian and Georgina with their children in their new Roll Royce this Christmas

    Georgina Rodriguez / Instagram