Cristina Hurtado for her baby’s drama offered advice to parents about health

Cristina Hurtado shared some images from a medical center in Colombia in recent days, although at that time she did not offer further details of the incidents she was experiencing.

The woman from Antioquia, who left the show “Guerreros” due to her pregnancy, recently revealed her decision to return to Colombian television and now opened up about a more personal issue.

As some of her followers on social networks suspected, the situation that affected her had to do with Mateo, her baby with Josse Narváez, born a few months ago.

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Cristina Hurtado, due to her baby’s drama, offered a recommendation to parents

The model shared a postcard from her personal Instagram account, where she has more than 6.3 million followers, to report the complication that hit her family.

“These are the moments that we don’t want to happen, but they are part of life. They have been days of anguish, impotence and much prayer. Only parents understand what it feels like, ”she assured.

Due to the complication that led to the concern for her little one, Hurtado launched a valuable recommendation for parents so that they do not experience the drama that she has gone through with her little one.

“The good news is that God never forsakes us. Take good care of yourselves and take good care of your children this winter and the viruses. We are in full respiratory peak ”, he concluded.

This was the publication with which the presenter from Antioquia recounted the situations she experienced with her little one in recent days due to the minor’s health.