Cristina Hurtado posted a sensual photo in a bathing suit and left more than one speechless

Since her beginnings on Colombian television, Cristina Hurtado has shown herself as a woman with character, independent, hard-working and very strong. However, her beauty has also been the subject of praise, especially on her social media.

For example, in the latest posts on Instagram, the presenter reminded her more than 6.4 million followers that she is still one of the sexiest women on Colombian television, since she was very scantily clad in an album of four photos. in which it is shown with a tangerine two-piece swimsuit that only covers what is necessary and reveals the curves of the Antioqueña and the flat abdomen.

However, in the last hours Hurtado became a trend again on the networks, since he shared a striking story published by Mónica Ruiz, where he once again showed off his masterful body, which he recovered after having his third child. He can also be seen wearing a brown and green two-piece swimsuit.

Some time later, the publication began to be replicated in various Instagram accounts, which are dedicated to showing the life of famous Colombians, which is why several users began to highlight the beauty of Hurtado.

“Beautiful”, “the most beautiful woman in Colombia”, “divine”, “how beautiful she looks”, “Cristina is the most beautiful and natural woman ever”, “beautiful”, “genuinely beautiful”, are some comments from the followers.

For now, Cristina is out of Bogotá enjoying a warm climate on a farm that she rented with her husband, her parents, her son Mateo and other friends of hers and her husband, the actor and presenter José Narváez.

In this place, the paisa has taken the opportunity to tan with her provocative sets of swimsuits, she has played with her son in the middle of nature and has even taken the opportunity to portray the beautiful sunsets that are seen in the place where it is located.

Carolina Cruz and her niece turned on social networks with sensual choreography

Carolina Cruz was in the public eye all year as her sentimental and love life changed drastically. This will be the first year that the presenter is separated from her ex-partner Lincoln Palomeque.

The woman from Cali said that the role of a single mother distressed her for a moment but that for some time now she has taken things more calmly and has even chosen to give love advice to his followers.

In a recent interview with Eva Rey, the model told about a possible new love and that is why her way of seeing life was changing. Remember that the presenter He had some of his followers annoyed because they assure that every day he was sending hints to his ex-partner through social networks.

“If God is going to send me a man, welcome. I am super open to meet and give myself a new opportunity in love. We have a very calm relationship with Lincoln, he does his job as a father very well and that is what interests me the most. We have handled things very maturely. I remember that I was in the middle of the separation and the situation with the health of my son Salvador, so what I did was focus 200% on my children. I think that’s why I didn’t have a tusa that made me miss life with him,” Cruz revealed to the Spanish journalist.

In addition to giving attention to her offspring, the Valle del Cauca woman also takes time to share with her niece Gabriela, who every day looks more like the presenter. On Instagram, aunt and niece uploaded a clip dancing in the gym. The video aroused all kinds of comments.

Among the messages that users have left in the clip you can read: “Ha, ha so diviness and the huge Gabyyyy a pretty lady”, “Getting those cheerleader skills out of America… see her then!”, “Oh what envy. I still haven’t learned it hahaha divine”, “yeeeee… And which of the two is Carolina…. Identical. Hahaha. Beautiful. What a blessing, dear.”