criticism and praise after the premiere of chapter 1

It is about the repetition of the story that revolves around a car dealership and the funny dramas of the different characters.

And although the situations are traced, the entire cast is new, which gives a different air to Colombian production.

However, his debut on the small screen divided opinions among the viewers who took sides on which version seemed better to them.

Between the dissatisfied that were pronounced on social networks, comments such as:

“Was it necessary to make a version? For that grace, the original is better… Nobody will surpass the one from 2006… What a badass… It’s loose, loose”.

In turn, there were those who showed pleased with the reissue of the comedy:

“Perfect novel… I didn’t expect much, but if I’ve laughed… I’m going to laugh again.”

The truth is that the audience levels will determine if the production will continue in the prime time of the RCN Channel or if another strip will have to be necessary to be successful.

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Here, the comments against and for after its premiere: