Crush on Camila Cabello’s glitter manicure

      The manicure trends of 2022 have at least minimalism as a common denominator. And, believe it or not, ‘less is more’ is not boring at all. Seriously, classic nails can be as original as the most elaborate nail art. For sample, the last glitter manicure that Camila Cabello has become. Warning: you are going to feel a crush.

      The singer is not only a good source of inspiration when it comes to hair (she recently joined the most desired ‘wolf’ haircut), but also for everything related to manicures. If you like to keep your nails simple but want your hands to shine (literally), you’re going to love the one manicurist Tom Bachik did for the artist. It is a design with a touch of very subtle ‘glitter’, but enough to give our manicure the dose of shine that we need for the Christmas holidays that are about to arrive.

      The design in question leaves the base of the nail in a very subtle pink and has a vertical line of gold glitter in the center. A classic but very original design that, as if that were not enough, favors a lot if you have short nails Check it yourself.

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      We are already taking a screenshot to add to our list of manicures that we want to try at Christmas. Also, it’s so simple that we can do it at home without fear of it going wrong (it’s just about drawing a line). Pss, if you are going to try it too, take note of the tricks to make your nails last longer.