Crying Gomita uncovers bullying that Cecilia Galliano did to her

gummy bear uncovers himself and talks again about everything he experienced when he worked alongside Cecilia Galliano and Laura G on the Sabadazo program, which was extremely successful on Televisa.

In an interview with the sexologist Silvia Olmedo, Gomita revealed new details of the bullying that she suffered when Cecilia Galliano accused her brother of having stolen the engagement ring that Mark Tacher had given her back then.

The beautiful clown She did not hesitate for a second and with complete certainty and confidence that her brother did not commit that robbery, she expressed her feelings, because she said that he was always attacking her just like the driver. Laura G..

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Gomita’s statements lit up social networks and through Facebook he received a large number of messages, since there are many fans of the famous who support her unconditionally.

Crying Gomita uncovers bullying that Cecilia Galliano did to her. Photo: IG gomita123

But also gummy bear it has enough detractors who are in charge of attacking and observing its supposed defects.

Without a doubt, with those statements that she made with the sexologist, she put herself in the eye of the hurricane, because she removed the subject that bothered her and made her leave that successful program with Omar Chaparro, who left her a bitter taste in the mouthsince he could never get along with the beautiful Argentine actress.

It should be noted that Cecilia Galeano spoke with Gomita’s mother so that they would give her the ring, but they were confident that she had not taken the ring. ringHence, they accused her with the producers and had the intention of suing but the actress retracted.

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Without a doubt, these new statements by Aracely Ordaz put her back in the eye of the hurricane, since she touched on a topic that at some point was one of the most scandalous, since she accused Cecilia Galliano and Luara G of having her boycotted in her participation in the famous program that made her famous.

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