Cult series “MA2412” celebrates a comeback on ORF

ORF 1 brings the cult hit “MA2412” back to the TV screen in the form of two new specials called “Weber und Breitfuss”.

20 years after the last flap fell, the two legendary civil servants Weber and Breitfuss are no longer in the service of the no less legendary “MA 2412” – but things are no less turbulent even in their early retirement far away from everyday office life.

MA2412 Comeback Dorfer Düringer Sicherheitz

Filming is already underway

Filming in Vienna and Lower Austria has been in full swing since Saturday, May 7, 2022. In their prime roles as Weber and Breitfuss, Alfred Dorfer and Roland Düringer are on the trail of the strange machinations of a rehabilitation center and demonstrate their skills as extras in the film. The top-class duo is completed by, among others, Monica Weinzettl, Andrea Händler, Eva Billisich, Nina Proll, David Jakob, Julia Edtmeier, Roland Penzinger, Johannes Silberschneider, Angelika Strahser, Martin Brambach and Anton Noori.

Sicherheitz is directing again

After the previous four seasons with a total of 34 episodes and the feature film “MA 2412 – Die Staatsdiener” Harald Sicherheititz takes his place at the director’s chair again. Alfred Dorfer and Roland Düringer are again responsible for the screenplays.

MA2412 Comeback Dorfer Düringer Sicherheitz

Broadcast is planned for 2023

Filming is expected to last until early June. “Weber und Breitfuss” (AT) is expected to be shown on ORF 1 in 2023.

More about the content:

The years have passed and Michael Weber (Alfred Dorfer) and Eng. Engelbert Breitfuss (Roland Düringer), the two legendary officials of the no less legendary Office for Christmas Decorations, have left their mark. They are “sent” into early retirement by the minister currently responsible. Almost cause for joy, because the two are finally rid of each other and swear never to cross paths again. But of course it comes as it must and Weber and Breitfuss, despite all avoidance strategies, meet again and again – and in all possible and impossible situations. In the two specials, they not only get into the mills of two-class medicine in rehab, but also track down some strange machinations in the healing center before, as extras in the film, they teach minds who have even tried the horror genre to fear.