Cumberbatch: Slow Progress for Actresses

Are men and women already equal in the film industry? No, thinks actor Benedict Cumberbatch. That shows, for example, the topic of money.

the essentials in brief

  • Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (45) still sees a lot to do on the way to equality in the film industry.

As an example, he cited equal pay for women and men. “But hopefully we’ll get there,” said Cumberbatch in interviews in Berlin.

With his current film he is once again on the road in the superhero universe – in the sequel to “Doctor Strange” he plays together with Elizabeth Olsen. Liz is an exceptional actress, Cumberbatch said. She is the latest example of an incredible talent that he has been fortunate to work with.

According to Cumberbatch, the roles of women in films are also gradually changing. Slowly but surely, you see female roles that are stronger, more interesting, more divisive, more complex, and less generalizing.

He thinks, for example, of Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson in “Frau im Dunkeln” (“The Lost Daughter”). The film is about women who struggle with being a mother and with their children. It’s really complex character work, Cumberbatch said. But he also said that when it comes to the question of equality, perhaps he shouldn’t explain his view as a man. “I should ask you the question: how do you see it?” he asked the journalists back.

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