Cupid’s laziness: in 2022 there were more separations and divorces than love

Cupid was in vagrancy mode during 2022 in the Dominican Republic. The crushes were less than the poisoned darts of the separation and divorces between couples in the world of Dominican entertainment.

The urban interpreters Anuel and Yailín starred in the couple of the year in love, although there is one that generated the greatest morbidity in heartbreak: the one made up of the communicator Gaby Desangles and producer José Chabebe.

Other separations They were those of Ana Carolina and Musicólogo, as well as Dominic Fuentes and Tommy Galán, Tania Báez and Francis Jiménez and María Angélica Ureña and Cristian Moquete.

In January of this year, the veteran communicator Tania Báez confirmed that she had divorced Francisco Jiménez. She explained that seven months before she made the decision to separate and that three months before her announcement they signed the papers.

Another relationship that came to an end this year was that of the communicator María Angélica Ureña and her husband Cristian Moquete. She explained in February that the end of the marriage was by mutual agreement.

After seven years of marriage, last July the communicator Dominic Fuentes and the former senator and former deputy for the province of San Cristóbal, Tommy Galán, decided to end their relationship.

Undoubtedly, the most talked about marital breakdown was that of the communicator Gabi Desangles and the producer Chabebe. They got married in July 2021 and in April of this year rumors of a separation came to light, which ended up being true.

After constant comments about the breakup, the couple issued a statement on April 10 in which they limited themselves to reporting that there was “a crisis.” At that time they had only been married for 9 months.

They never confirmed the separation, but a few days ago a photograph of Chabebe with who seems to be his current partner went viral, which finally clarified the fact, although the followers already took the separation for granted.

Regarding the crisis that ended in breakups, the urban artist Musicologist “El Libro” and Ana Carolina, after months of ventilating their marital crisis, announced their separation in July of this year.

The couple had starred in several scandals, first with their separation in mid-2021 and then with their return at the end of that same year.

With her return, the influencer and model gave statements about eight infidelities that she discovered to the urban exponent.

Because of this, he received constant attacks on social networks, so in March of this year he made a “live” on Instagram explaining that the infidelities were not the cause of the separation last year and that they happened when they were just beginning their relationship. .

Despite the fact that the couple remained low profile for a few months, in July of this year they announced their final separation, with no hope of reconciliation.

The story did not end there. Ana Carolina was seen two weeks ago kissing a man known on social networks as Darlin Dubai, five months after her separation.

positive balance

Among the good news was the marital reconciliation of the communicator Pamela Sued and the producer Giancarlo Beras. Also the wedding of Francisca and Franchesco Zampogna, last May, in La Romana.

Since the end of 2021, Anuel and Yailín became a trend practically all year. Reasons: his commitment, his hasty wedding, the appearance of a supposed urban baby with a Colombian, the singer’s legal problems with his ex-wife and finally the official announcement that the Dominican was pregnant.

In addition, another couple strengthened their relationship and that gave something to talk about was that of Santiago Matías “Alofoke”, who made the revelation of the year when he introduced his partner known as “Chary” to the world.

After multiple questions, the president of Alofoke Media Group decided to show the world of entertainment the woman with whom he has had a relationship for 8 years.