Curiosities about Sebastián Yatra (Once upon a time… but not anymore)

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    The culprit that you have ever sung on a loop ‘treacherous’ or ‘Red high heels’ is Sebastian Yatra. Until now we were used to hearing and seeing him in concerts, but thanks to Manolo Caro we also know how he moves in the skin of a fictional character in ‘Once upon a time… but not anymore’. It is true that it is a musical production in which she shows one of her best qualities: her voice, and she dominates that part with ease, the interpretation is something else… Be that as it may, this surreal and colorful tale has cast among the most watched on Netflix after its premiere, although it has not been without criticism.

    Sebastián Yatra is the star of this production and we will soon know if he wins an Oscar, on March 27, for the song ‘two caterpillars’ from the Disney movie ‘Charm’. For this reason, we want to pay tribute to him now that he is at the center of all eyes, showing the best curiosities about the artist who was born in Medellín in 1994. He only lived his first five years of life in Colombia, since he later moved to Miami. From a very young age he already pointed out ways with the microphone, so he soon began to study and compose. He sure that when he did musicals at school he did not imagine that one day he would have millions of fans around the world and nominations for the most important awards.

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    Sebastian Obando Giraldo his real name, he chose the surname Yatra, which in Hindu means “sacred path to the divine”. When she was just over ten years old, she wrote a song titled ‘Convince yourself’, a love drama dedicated to a school girl. would come later ‘The psychologist’, his debut and the rise of his fame was unstoppable. His success has also gone beyond the stage, since he has been a jury of ‘The voice Kids’ in your country and adviser in our edition. On the other hand, in cinema he has intervened in children’s films ‘Klaus’ and ‘Small foot’ and made a special cameo in ‘La Reina del Flow’. With three studio albums, ‘Mantra’, ‘Fantasia’ and ‘Dharma’, He is already one of the most influential Latin singers today and his rhythm will continue unstoppable.

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