Cynthia Rodríguez and the ideal makeup for the month of love

Cynthia Rodríguez reveals the star makeup to dazzle in the month of love. Instagram Special

Makeup allows to enhance the beauty of each woman, so Cynthia Rodríguez decided to reveal what is the ideal to wear in the month of loveIt is very simple, but the key is to highlight an area of ​​the face, we will tell you the details.

For this makeup Cynthia Rodríguez starts with the base ready on her face, so I make a space for remind you that you must prepare your skin very well, so carry out your skincare routine and apply the base of your choice touch or with a special brush.

This step is very personal, since you may use concealers in the area of ​​dark circles or in some imperfection there, if this is not your case, just blend it perfectly. Now he does follow Cynthia Rodríguez and seal with compact powder.

Focus on the T-zone and the contours of your face. Now take a black eyeliner and paint your eyelids very carefullythere should be a small eyelash or beak, this will make your eyes look alive, otherwise the opposite effect occurs.

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This step was not done by Cynthia Rodríguez, but I highly recommend, curl your eyelashes in two stepsfirst from the root up and leave the enchinador here for 30 seconds, and then from the center up.

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Now he does paint your eyelashes like the former driver, then add cream blush in the area of ​​your cheeks like her, one more step and we finish the ideal makeup to wear in the month of love, prioritize highlighting your charms.

Key step to elevate makeup

And good, The key detail of this makeup is to paint your lips red, a color that is perfect for all skin tones.. Immediately his followers began to fill the comments section with many compliments, all delighted with these tips.

“Your makeup videos are the best. Go back to YouTube please!”, “Why don’t you do a step-by-step tutorial”, “There is an urgent need for a video to show us how to outline eyes please, I won’t give one”, they even claimed that they urgently need their YouTube channel for beauty tips .

A simple makeup with which you can elevate your beauty, so do not hesitate to wear it on a special day. Keep reading Soy Carmín, here you will find the most relevant news about your favorite celebrities, from trend outfitseven details of his life.

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