Cynthia Rodríguez, falls in love with a birthday smile in a photo

Cynthia Rodríguez appeared in a short red dress from a postcard on her Instagram account after the recent celebrations for her birthday on May 8.

The “TV presenter“, Cynthia Rodríguez, reappears from her Instagram account where she once again left her 3.7 million followers dazzled by wearing a red outfit, although without a doubt, the best accessory, which they praised, was her smile.

The “Academy alumna“He wore a blazer-like outfit that has strongly dominated trends until this season.

Cynthia Rodríguez celebrates so much love in a short red dress. Photo: Capture Instagram

Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz, who always appears with her stylized hair and a very well defined face, chose on this occasion to give greater prominence to her makeup with red lips that made her features stand out even more.

Birthday smile, thanks for so much love, the “Coahuilense” wrote, followed by a red emoji.

The reactions did not take long to appear in the publication of the so-called “Princess Grupera” who appears standing in a session taken outside and where she appears with bare legs and delicate strappy slippers with white decorations held on plastic straps.

In a matter of minutes, the 3 postcards that the “host of Venga la Alegría“He posted on his Instagram account, they were filled with several likes, accumulating a total of 94. 622 likes added to several congratulations and compliments to see how beautiful he looked in one of the ones he has shown is his favorite color.

“Happy birthday, have a great time, Red Team, happy birthday, may everything beautiful continue to come to you, Congratulations precious, light always in your life!!!! The most beautiful birthday girl, we love you, And what better way than celebrating it with your color, Congratulations, You’re grown Cyn, These are the little mornings that King David sang to beautiful girls like you Congratulations, You deserve all the love “.

It is read among the comments that arrive at the publication of the famous 38-year-old, born on May 8 and who has collaborated for 17 years on Tv Azteca.

The “TV actress” Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz would be very pampered and pampered by her colleagues on the program and by Carlos Rivera.

The native of Tláxcala, who also dedicated a very special publication from his Instagram account in which a tender text can be seen towards the interpreter of “Educating Nina“.

Your laugh illuminating Madrid… And my life, Happy birthday, my love, can be seen in the publication of the presenter’s heartthrob.

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