Cynthia Rodríguez, with light white garments captivates them

Cynthia Rodríguez continues her idyllic journey with Charles Riverathis time the “Coahuilan” figure in a white outfit from a boat while traveling the Nile River in Egypt.

After visiting various cities in Europe, the singer Cynthia Rodríguez traveled with Carlos Rivera to one of the most fascinating cities and where her supposed “husband” has been fascinated.

Once again, the Tv Azteca collaborator, Cynthia Rodriguezstars alone in a postcard in which she showed her faithful followers one of the many wonders, the beautiful sunsets like the one that adorns the photo that she posted six hours ago.

the pretty”host of Venga la Alegría“, I draw a big smile while modeling sitting from the edge of a boat and in which she still wears black glasses that accompanied a set of mostly white clothes.

A clear blouse of light fabric that left her shoulders uncovered, matched with bone-colored pants along with a white pashmina, was the outfit that turned the “rump princess” in all a “beauty” for his followers, after accompanying the postcard with an emoji of a “Sun”.

A very wise choice that would also help support the “youtuber“the high temperatures while continuing to discover many of the wonders that the enigmatic city, its temples and pyramids, etc.

The famous actress of “Educating Nina“, “A Corazón Abierto”, among other productions, did not lack praise, flattery and many other comments in which there are even comments regarding the rings that the couple has supposedly shown in photos.

How beautiful you are skinny, Gorgeous, The prettiest, Precious, I am here excited every time I see the rings hehe, What a beauty, All of you are perfect, I love you, were some of the compliments to the “Mexican youtuber”.

They point out the comments that reach the publication itself, which in the end would accumulate 16, 146 likes and in which, in addition, the “former student of La Academia” also shared a short video in which the voice of the guide who described this tour.

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