Cyril Hanouna: Elizabeth Teissier reveals that the host of TPMP will change his life and leave

A few days ago now, Elizabeth Teissier spoke with Jordan De Luxe. For the occasion, the famous astrologer made some secrets about Cyril Hanouna. The least we can say is that his predictions are quite intriguing. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff, will tell you everything on the subject. Are you ready ?

Elizabeth Teissier confides in Cyril Hanouna

This Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Elizabeth Teissier was Jordan De Luxe’s ​​first guest of the year. From her full name, Germaine Élizabeth Hanselmann, the latter is a astrologer of French origin. Former actress and former model, she notably created between 1975 and 1976 the first daily television horoscope on Antenna 2. Since then, she has had enormous success. Nope only on the television, but also off-air.

On the set of Jordan De Luxe, Elizabeth Teissier confided in Cyril Hanouna. In effect, when the presenter asked if she could make a prediction about the host of C8, she said she saw a big change. Especially from next March:I foresee for this gentleman, a profound and positive change in 2023. From March…In fact, all spring“. But what is this change? Read on, you will understand.

The host of C8 ready to play politics?

According to Elizabeth Teissier, Cyril Hanouna could soon be propelled into a new profession. Especially politics. The astrologer said he predicted this eventuality at Hanouna during a previous encounter:He is going to live a period where we will perhaps offer him something important. Maybe he will change careers. Cyril Hanouna may go into politics. I told him one day that he was going to play politics“.

Although the details of this prediction are unclear, it looks like Cyril Hanouna could be going through a major career change. And this, from March 2023. However, you should know that astrological predictions are often imprecise. Indeed, if some are correct, others are completely wrong. Elizabeth’s words Teissier should therefore be taken with caution. Only time will tell if this prediction will come true or not. To be continued…