Cyril Hanouna: He got kicked out of Disneyland Paris in front of his whole family!

Any rule whatsoever should be followed and being a celebrity doesn’t change that at all. This is what Cyril Hanouna wanted to come to by telling an anecdote going in this direction on the plateau of Touche not at my post. He had recently happened to visit Disneyland Paris with his children. He then had fun pulling the ears of one of the mascots present in the park. A prohibited behavior which had earned him an exclusion which he will still remember for a long time.

An inadmissible attitude?

The moral of this story will therefore make Cyril Hanouna think twice before doing it again. If the violation of the rules is rather common in this park, the persons in charge intend well to apply the rules to the letter. Precisely in order to ensure both the safety of visitors and the preservation of the heritage that this place represents. The columnists of the star host of C8 each had their opinion on what had happened.

Some viewers then found that the regulations applied by the firm with the big ears in Disneyland Paris were much too strict. Others, on the other hand, thought that it was the host who sometimes believed that everything was allowed. In any case, this incident allowed those who are used to breaking the rules to criticize themselves and above all to understand that the laws had been established for the good of all.