Cyril Hanouna: His son Lino about to succeed him? The animator swings!

Cyril Hanouna has always been attached to his son Lino and he never hid it. His separation with the latter’s mother therefore had no impact on the love he had for his children. He even happens to talk about this person who is one of those he loves the most in the world on his show. The magic began in 2010 when Baba was appointed to host Touche pas à mon poste on France 4 for the first time. A talk show which had initially brought together 2 million viewers around their television. A real success that continues today to fuel the career of the animator.

Cyril Hanouna attached to his son

Hosting television shows is like being in the genes of Cyril Hanouna. We are therefore not surprised to learn that his son Lino could succeed him one day. Baba had just mentioned this possibility during this interview with Julie Obispo. In particular, he confided in the fact that he often comes to the touch pad not at my post to take the microphone once the ad has started. He then begins to come out of the valves that his dad would not even have come out at his age.

Suffice to say that the student turns out to be more talented than the master. It remains to be seen whether he will develop this innate talent for animation into adulthood. The fact that he is thoroughly into what he does in addition to being funny puts him on the right track.