Cyril Hanouna: the reasons for his breakup with the mother of his children revealed!

This Wednesday, April 20, 2022, C8 broadcast a new number of Do not touch My TV. The opportunity for Cyril Hanouna to present his brand new recruit, the very attractive Hugo Manos. Companion of host Laurent Ruquier, and columnist for Matthieu Delormeau in TPMP People. Moreover, during the show, the troublemaker of the PAF, made rare secrets about his private life, and love in this case. Revealing that he had taken a break with his new darling, between November and December 2021, but that he was now in a relationship again. Obviously, he did not reveal any names, much to the dismay of curious fans. Particularly discreet about his privacy, the TV man is the father of two children, Bianca, born March 3, 2011, and Lino, May 14, 2012, the fruit of his relationship with Emilie, his companion for sixteen years.

His relationship with the mother of his children

Unfortunately, the couple separated during 2019, but it was only very recently that Cyril Hanouna had revealed that he was no longer with the mother of his children. In the process, the PAF star had specified that he was no longer a heart to take. This Monday, April 18, the host was the guest of Julie Obispo, in her show, AirZen Radio. And the 47-year-old dad confided in his family life as rarely. And especially on his son, Lino: “He comes very often and then at the pub, he takes the microphone, he does little shows”, he revealed. Before continuing, “Anyway, he wants to become an animator I think. For now, that’s what he wants to do, he’s into it, but he’s good. He is very funny, I feel that he has the trick (…) He comes out of the floodgates that at his age I would not have left. But he is very nice”, he added. Faced with the radio host, Julie Obispo, the companion of the famous singer, Cyril Hanouna also addressed his role as a father.

“Me, I’m a bit of their friend. We are together all the time, all the time on the phone and it’s true that I’m more of a friend than a father. But I feel like it’s working fine. They tell me more things, I have the impression that they manage to confide well, “ he continued. As for his relationship with Émilie, the mother of his two children, the host was full of praise. “Their mom is amazing. She does both. She has the authority, but she is also very friendly with them. And it is thanks to her, as she frames them well, that I can have even more fun with them”. As a reminder, in 2016, on the couch of Marc-Olivier Fogiel, he revealed: “I’m their nanny, but I make them do more stupid things than they could do on their own!” And my wife yells at us because we smashed the apartment. And I get really yelled at, like I’m the third child”.