Cyril Hanouna: these TPMP columnists he has already seen naked

Cyril Hanouna confided on the Touche set not at my post this Monday, May 9. The host revealed that he’s seen some columnists naked before.

Cyril Hanouna is at the head of the show Do not touch My TV for several years. In this one, he evokes the news but also connects confidences and revelations. If some of them very often concern his columnists, he sometimes happens to do some about him. This Monday, May 9, he was in a teasing mood. As he was going around the table, he first stopped at Danielle Moreau and asked her if she was “came with a bib“. After having chambered her for several minutes, he then assures: “She is one of the only women I find more beautiful naked or dressed and it is very rare today“. A statement that makes the set laugh and Cyril Hanouna continues: “In our society, I tell you, who can boast of being more beautiful naked than dressed?“. Which Kelly Vedovelli immediately asks: “Where did you get her naked?“. The principal concerned retorts: “I didn’t see her naked but I strongly imagined her.” For their part, the columnists are initially shocked.

On the set of the show, Cyril Hanouna lets go but specifies however that he will never do anything sexual with her. What about a possible makeover? “It starts from too low. She must be a nudist“, he continued. “Why do you imagine Danielle naked? Can you imagine us too?“, asks Géraldine Maillet. To which the host replies: “Yes of course but for some sometimes I have nightmares. Valérie Benaim naked, never imagined, it would prevent me from eating, she is like my sister. Geraldine either, I can’t“, he assures. Subsequently, the emblematic host of C8 specifies not “want to imagine Gilles Verdez naked“. However, there is a chronicler whom he confirms having seen completely naked… Guillaume Genton. “He was in the hot tub. I wanted to tie him in a knot, I told him to get naked and I was going to get a golf club“, he explains. The origin of this initiative? “He had lost a bet and he lay down on the green“, he concluded.

Cyril Hanouna: what unlikely anecdote did he tell?

Cyril Hanouna continues the very unexpected revelations concerning his columnists. To justify himself, he then explains:When I have a gag to do, I immediately think of a golf ball in the buttocks. I have little imagination but it makes for exceptional evenings“, he had fun before evoking an evening at his home.I had greeted his guests with a bow and arrows. I had announced to them that I was going to shoot them with arrows in the buttocks“, he continued. Among those present, there was Franck Dubosc. “They were in the pool, in bathing suits. They loved it, they came back every day,” he concluded.


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