Cyril Hanouna: this puzzling physical detail that did not go unnoticed for the start of the TPMP season

This Monday, January 2, Touche pas à mon poste made its comeback on C8. And for this particular day, Cyril Hanouna had decided to make a big physical change that did not go unnoticed.

Change of style for Cyril Hanouna. This Monday, January 2, 2023 marked the great return of Do not touch My TV on C8. After a few weeks of interruption, the talk show hosted by the troublemaker of the PAF returned to the air with a new new number. And for the occasion the host had decided to put the small dishes in the big ones. He opened the show with a ten-second count before dancers, musicians, and even a man in a thong arrived on the set to celebrate the new year. But once the show was over, the columnists couldn’t help but note that Cyril Hanouna presented a physical detail that was surprising to say the least.

Indeed, viewers have discovered that the host of C8, dressed in a magnificent black suit, wore an earring for the first time on his left ear. “breaking news! You got a part of your body pierced!“, launched Matthieu Delormeau to the presenter. “Do you like it ?“, then asked Cyril Hanouna, quickly confirmed by his columnists.

Cyril Hanouna: “Do you want my mother to kill me?”

did you put (the earring) randomly on the left?then wanted to know Matthieu Delormeau, before explaining why he had asked this question: “because in the 1980s in San Francisco, since you couldn’t show that you were gay, there were codes and if you put it on the right, it meant that you were gay, and on the left, heterosexual. So you’re not doing badly”. The columnist still wanted to know if Cyril Hanouna had really pierced his ear. “No I did not drill! Do you want my mother to kill me?”, then informed the host of TPMP, under the disappointed gaze of his columnists. And to conclude with humor: “There are holes everywhere but not there!”