Daddy Yankee announces his retirement and this will be his farewell VIDEO

Mexico.- After 32 years of experience and being considered one of the first and greatest exponents of reggaeton, daddy yankee announced that he is retiring from music.

Through a video of just over three minutes, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, real name of the Puerto Rican singer, announced that his tour “The last turn” and a new album titled “Legendaddy” It will be his perfect farewell to the music scene.

Daddy Yankee thanked the followers who have accompanied him since reggaeton was ‘born’. Photo: Video Capture

This race that has been a marathon, I finally see the goal”, were the words with which Daddy Yankee began his message.

“Now I am going to enjoy with all of you what you have given me, what you have given me, this genre, people say that I made it world wide, but it was you who gave me the key to open the doors, to convert this genre in the greatest, I confess that it is the greatest treasure that I can have in my career”, said Daddy Yankee.

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The singer of hits like “Gasolina” shared that he made an effort to work so as not to fail his followers or have problems, based on discipline, with the aim of inspiring children to be leaders, dream of growing up and work for their families. .

“In the neighborhoods where we grew up, most of us wanted to be drug traffickers; today under pa ‘the neighborhoods and most want to be singers, that is worth a lot to me,’ he said moved.

Formally today I announce my retirement from music giving you my best production and my best concert tour,” said the singer.

Daddy Yankee added: “I’m going to fire him celebrating these 32 years of experience with this collection piece entitled ‘Legendaddy’, I’m going to give him all the styles that have defined me in a single album.”

The reggaeton player took the opportunity to thank the public, colleagues, producers, the radio, the press, television, digital platforms “and especially you, who have been with me from the underground, from the roots, from the beginning of reggaeton.”

Daddy Yankee reported that “Legendaddy”, which will be his last record production and in which he will show the fight, the party, the war and the romance he had during his 32-year career, will be released on Thursday, March 24 at 8 a.m. evening.

I love you with my life, change and out, Daddy Yankee says goodbye.

Before the publication of this video in which he officially announces his retirement, Daddy Yankee received multiple messages from his colleagues within the reggaeton genre.

“The Last Return” is the name of the Puerto Rican’s farewell tour.

Rauw Alejandro was one of those who reacted and wrote to him: “Thank you for inspiring us, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for all these years! DY Pa’ always”.


“The best of all fucking times!!!! Thank you for so much boss, you have been a school”, was the message from Alexio La Bruja.

“Thank you for the good music, the legacy and giving us a Genre #Reggaeton. Always grateful for the opportunity. @daddyyankee Legendaddy,” producer Gaby Music wrote.

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