Daddy Yankee began his South American tour with a chaotic presentation in Chile

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez is known artistically as Daddy Yankee and has a long history in the industry. Songs like ‘La Gasolina’, ‘Dura’ and ‘Pose’, among others, have given the artist great international recognition.

After years of dedication to his career, ‘el Cangri’ decided to announce his retirement but not before saying goodbye to his followers. That’s why he’s doing his ‘Leggendaddy’ tour in various parts, including Latin America.

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At the beginning of the tour things did not go as planned. In Chile he will have three shows, but the first one started problematic, with an avalanche of people and violence abroad.

In addition to this, it was known that more than 4,000 people would have entered the event without a ticket and managed to place themselves even in VIP places.

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In videos published on social networks by different attendees to the event, the number of people trying to enter the stadium was observed. They also indicated that there was no organization or control upon entry.

After the publication of the videos and the complaints of the users, The Government of Chile gave the green light to make the second presentation, but stressed that new security measures must be taken into account and, naturally, only those who have tickets will be able to enter.

The Puerto Rican announced that one of the countries where he will be with his ‘La Última Vuelta’ tour will be Colombia, in just over a week.

The dates the artist will be in the country will be in the month of October, starting on Friday 7 in Cali.

Then it will go to Bogotá to be presented from Saturday, October 8, where it will have three dates, and will end his tour in Medellin on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October.