Daddy Yankee spoke about the fight between J Balvin and Residente

Two months ago, the Puerto Rican singer decided to create a song with the producer Bizarrap, which lasts almost 9 minutes, a song that currently has more than 98 million followers and in which the first part tells him to throw a hint at all the singers of the genre urban and its lack of integration with music, encouraging other people to write their lyrics and not themselves.

However, while everyone imagined that the song would end there, the interpreter of “René” decided to go against the Colombian, J Balvin, dedicating more than half of the song to him, with his own name and even getting into his personal life.

Something that did not take the fans of both so much by surprise, because Residente had taken a video where he announced the next song and, above all, clarified that he had not released it because the artist he was throwing at in his lyrics had communicated with his team to stop it. Everyone immediately related to the interpreter of the album Colors, due to his controversy after the Grammys.

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Two months after the tiradera, Daddy Yankee, considered the pioneer and greatest of the genre today, has come out to speak publicly. “René hit him hard”, was one of the opinions of the ‘Big Boss’, as they call him in the guild before the fight between the two singers and that, although the controversy increased two months ago with the song, it is a fight that It has been going on for more than a year.

“I feel that an earthquake fell on Balvin, when there is an earthquake and a survivor comes out. René hit him hard, but Balvin as an artist also survived, it’s part of the genre. Balvin’s caliber can be demonstrated, his greatness. René was able to demonstrate his lyrical skills and Bizarrap monetized”, commented the musician.

Given this, Daddy wanted to send a message in a conciliatory tone for both artists involved in the controversy: “I think that, if we analyze it from a broad point of view, that is the vision. Wishing everyone the best, respect to all three. I know all three of them, I shared Bizarrap with him working as a kid.

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With René we have spoken face to face a thousand times about many things that we differ, but we are face to face, equally with Balvin, respect for all three and if in the future they understand that they must fix, amen”, specified the Puerto Rican.

The truth is that for now it seems that this fight has come to an end, or at least they took a break, because after the song Balvin did not speak publicly about it, something that Resident did do in a live show he did in his Instagram profile, where he clarified that it was a message for all the singers of the urban genre but that due to his controversy with Balvin, he set him as an example.

In addition, he confessed that the fact that the Colombian had not answered him seemed very intelligent because if he did, that fight would have gone far.

However, as for J Balvin, he continues to be criticized on his social networks, especially for his cancellation of the ‘USA’ tour, where everyone judged that he had done it with such little time, since there was very little left to start, However, he made it clear that he had not prepared everything and that he was not willing to give anything that was not his 100%.

Daddy Yankee, for his part, is organizing his farewell tour, because as we know recently the singer announced that he was ready to say goodbye to music and the stage, for which he announced his last tour.

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