Dadju elegant at the preview of his film “IMA”, facing Karidja Touré

A very special event for Dadju. Thursday, May 5, the 31-year-old singer presented his first film “IMA”, at the Gaumont Champs-Élysées, in Paris. For the occasion, the entire film crew was there. After a few poses on the red carpet, in front of the multiple flashes of photographers and guests, it was time for the spectators to go into the room. Everyone seated and well settled, the director of the film Nils Tavernier, was called to go on stage. “I prepared some index cards for my speech,” he joked. After a few jokes, Nils Tavernier wanted to congratulate the members of his team and especially his star actor Dadju who “never complained” on the set.

In a room with an electric atmosphere, the songwriter joined on stage his costars Karidja Touré, Joss Stinson, Nick Mukoko, as well as the director, the film crew, and his mother Dalida. Applauded for long seconds by his audience, the artist had a few words for his loved ones and his fans. “Thank you all for coming, thank you to my friends, my family. I would also like to thank my father who is here tonight,” he said. With these words, the room darkened to make way for the film.

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A first for Dadju

The artist thus took his first steps in the world of cinema by playing the main role in “IMA”. Based on an original idea by Dadju, this feature film shot in Congo, the singer’s country of origin, retraces the eventful love story between the artist, who plays himself, and Ima, interpreted by Karidja Touré, a young woman from Kinshasa.

“IMA” is to be found in theaters on May 11.

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