Dagmar Berghoff: On her 80th birthday: “I’m not lonely”

Few people can look back on such a steep career as Dagmar Berghoff. On June 16, 1976, she went down in history as the first female newsreader and has since been regarded as an absolute “Tagesschau” legend. Although Berghoff gave up her job in front of the camera in 1999, she remains unforgotten for many.

In the video above, Dagmar Berghoff reveals: I wanted to take my own life.

On the occasion of her 80th birthday on Wednesday (January 25), Berghoff not only looked back on her successful “Tagesschau” career in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, but also spoke openly about her eventful past and her greatest stroke of fate.

Dagmar Berghoff: “I always thought: You must be very, very good”

Looking back, Dagmar Berghoff admitted to “Bild” that she, as the first female newsreader, always felt enormous pressure: “I always thought: You must be very, very good! If I had a hooker, it later took me hours to cope with it .” This pressure seemed to remain constant for around 23 years. Your greatest support at the time? Husband Peter Matthaes († 67). After she left the “Tagesschau” she lived with him in intimate togetherness until he succumbed to cancer in 2001. A heavy blow for the TV legend.

Dagmar Berghoff looks back on her life: “It’s been great”

In what was probably the darkest phase of her life, Berghoff was supported, among other things, by her “Tagesschau” colleague Wilhelm Wieben († 84): “We were very good friends. After my husband’s death, he took great care of me.” Today Dagmar Berghoff looks back on her time with her husband with gratitude. For her 80th birthday, she made it clear to “Bild”: “I’m not lonely, I’m not looking for a new partner. But if one showed up, why not?” The 80-year-old finally raved about her life and stated: “It’s been great!” We can only agree with this.