Dagmar Rosenfeld: This is Christian Lindner’s ex-wife

Our Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (43) is not getting married for the first time this week. Until 2020, the liberal was married to Dagmar Rosenfeld (48) – a political journalist like Franca Lehfeldt (33).

Lindner and Rosenfeld were a couple from 2009 to 2018. Married for nine years. Her divorce was only officially through in 2020 – by then the FDP boss had been with Lehfeldt for two years. Lindner had said to BUNTE at the time: “Yes. Dagmar and my divorce has now been peaceful and fair.”

An article once became Dagmar Rosenfeld’s undoing

As a political journalist, is it possible to separate work and relationships? This question was not only asked by “Welt” reporter Lehfeldt after her engagement to Lindner, Rosenfeld also repeatedly felt compelled to emphasize her journalistic independence.

“Because I am the wife of the head of the FDP, some people question my professional autonomy. That shows a strange understanding of journalism – and of marriage,” Rosenfeld once wrote in an article in the “time“, where she was employed at the time.

A few years after this statement, however, an ironic article became her undoing. Today’s editor-in-chief of “Welt am Sonntag” had before the general election “Styling tips for politicians” released. In addition to Sahra Wagenknecht (52, Die Linke) or Cem Özdemir (56, Grüne), she also commented on the fashionable appearance of FDP boss Lindner.

It is not known whether Dagmar Rosenfeld also has a new love

As a style tip, she gave him along the way: “In future, when choosing outerwear for commercials, ask your wife beforehand” (Editor’s note: Lindner was only wearing an undershirt in the spot).

The fact that she was the same at that time was not noted in the article. The German Press Council therefore expressed disapproval of the “Welt”, which published the article, and attested to the journalist Rosenfeld’s “objective bias”.

So if Lindner is hoping for styling tips from Lehfeldt, he should ask for them in private. Who has Rosenfeld given styling tips since the divorce? Nothing is known about the relationship status of the 48-year-old.