Daily: Jérôme Commandeur’s express interview surprises internet users

This Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Jérôme Commandeur went to the Daily set to promote his new show. But the public did not expect this interview to be so short and made it known on Twitter.

These last few months have turned everyone’s life upside down, especially artists. While the Coronavirus pandemic has put some shows and concerts on hold, Jérôme Commandeur took advantage of this break away from the public to begin a recovery and a draconian diet. At least that’s what he revealed to Yann Barthès a few months ago.

Thereby, Jérôme Commandeur who has already presented the Césars gave some news of his… two kilos less. “I did not think to bother France with this: I am at the start of a diet and I have lost between one and two kilos (…) We always talk about people who have lost fifteen kilos, twenty kilos. We’re not talking about people who lose a kilo. I didn’t think we were going to start with this, but I’m starting, I’ve lost a kilo and the nicest people – of which you are not apparently one – tell me that it shows”had fun the comedian.

Jérôme Commandeur surprises with his express appearance

This Wednesday, April 27, 2022, Jérôme Commandeur will once again find his audience presenting his show Always smooth on the stage of the Zénith de Nantes. On this occasion, he returned to see Yann Barthès to whom he was able to speak briefly about this project. And it is the case to say it since it left very quickly. Good evening Jérôme, welcome to the Quotidien set. What I suggest to you, if you’re ok, is that we watch the trailer for the show and we’ll meet you right after.began the host.

Then Yann Barthès continued by saying: “Do you have stage fright?“.”Oh yes, yes”, simply replied the comedian. And that’s when the presenter of Daily ended their exchange by dropping: “This is the end of this interview. Thank you Jérôme for being with us, we will see you tomorrow evening at the Zénith de Nantes and live on TMC just after Quotidien”.

This passage did not go unnoticed by Internet users. Many expressed their incomprehension by tweeting: “What is this lightning passage from Jérôme Commandeur there?”, “What just happened with Jérôme Commandeur on Daily? or “The promotion of Jérôme Commandeur… Genius! Why make it long?”. We can say that it is quite a surprise effect!

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