Dalia Durán after starring in a video clip in which she kissed Jair Mendoza: “There was a lot of chemistry” RMMN Farándula | PEOPLE

After Jair Mendoza successfully launched his video clip “Locos de amor”, in which he has a passionate kiss with Dahlia Duranthe making off of the recording came out where the Cuban talks about the relationship she has with the singer.

The still wife of John Kelvin mentioned that she has known Jair for two years and that they are very good friends. She was even his singing teacher.

“I have known Jair for about two years and the production called me for his video clip. He was my singing coach and he is a good teacher as well as a good singer”, Dalia said behind the scenes of the video clip.

Likewise, Durán stated that he felt very happy to record the video clip in which there was a lot of professionalism for everything.

“Jair looks like an actor, he has taken it very seriously. To record a good video there has to be chemistry and that’s what there was “expressed the Cuban, who jokingly said that he gets nervous every time he is by her side. “As a singer he has to give a lot more”, he added.

Recall that on the romantic scene they performed, Jair Mendoza praised the work of John Kelvin’s wife and made it clear that they are friends.

“She strikes me as a talented girl. We have a friend and it seemed incredible to me that she is in the video because she is Cuban and we were just working with Los 4 de Cuba. I also wanted them to see her in another facet. Everything was very professional”he specified.

It should be noted that the video clip for the song “Locos de amor” was recorded in collaboration with “Los 4 de Cuba” and is a sensation on digital platforms.


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