Dalia Durán asks in a statement that “she is no longer involved with John Kelvin’s activities” Instagram Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

Dahlia Duran She has just released a statement that she shared on her Instagram account, to ask that she no longer be involved with the activities of John Kelvin, the father of her children sentenced to 21 years in prison for assaulting her.

“As is public knowledge, more than a year ago, After the events I went through, I have been trying to get ahead for the well-being of my family.points initially in the text.

“For this reason, I wish that I would not be involved more for my emotional tranquility, with the activities of mr. John Kelvin, of whom I have no particular comment”adds the Cuban.

The still wife of the cumbiambero, who recently debuted as a model, ended her ad by indicating: “I continue with my artistic projects and above all as a mother of a family, which is the most important thing in my life.”.

It should be remembered that some statements made by Dalia Durán to “América Hoy”, in which He questioned that John Kelvin had spent on recording a song and a video clip instead of giving the money to his children, provoked criticism against him from Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza.

Ethel Pozo gave her support to the singer saying that she does not see anything wrong with having released a song. “Y? perhaps he has invested this money to be paid in another way with the songs, but he has to continue singing because it is his job ”maintained the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel.

Meanwhile, Janet Barboza was tougher and more direct and, addressing Kelvin’s ex-wife, said: “Who understands Dalia Durán, who understands you. John Kelvin has already been sentenced to 21 years in prison and apparently that’s not enough for you… What do you want? Do you want to see it worse? I think you can’t see it worse anymore.”


Dalia Durán criticizes that John Kelvin recorded a song in prison

Dalia Durán outraged by new song by Jhon Kelvin
Dalia Durán outraged by new song by Jhon Kelvin