Dalisa Alegría responds to the seer who accused her of doing witchcraft to Mozart

Santo Domingo, DR.

The actress Dalisa Alegría responded to the psychic Soraya Santana after she assured during her participation in the program “De Extremo a Extremo” that she was doing dark work against her husband, the urban singer Mozart La Para.

Alegría denied through her Instagram story that she had acted hand in hand with sorcery to be able to marry the interpreter of “Pa’ goza”, she also regretted that Santana “at her age lends herself to something so low”, and likewise, Let the media replicate it.

The greatest witchcraft What a woman can do to a man is give him love, the treatment and the attention he deserves as a husband,” Alegría wrote.

“What a desire to want to harm and stain the reputation of the other and the most delicate thing to make accusations without evidence, knowing that it can bring legal action. Leave that santeria, Mrs., And stop deceiving people that the only seer in this life is God, ”he added.

It was this Tuesday when Santana, who is also dedicated to reading cards, used Digital 15’s daily entertainment magazine to ask Mozart to contact her, alleging that he is a victim of “negative energy of magic, of darkness” by his current partner, with whom he began a relationship days after announcing his separation from his ex-wife, the influencer Alexandra MVP.

In March 2019, Mozart and Dalisa were in the eye of the hurricane for several months because they were accused of having an extramarital relationship.