Damien and Pauline (Married at first sight): Revelations on their first night together

In the new season of Married at first sight, some couples already seem on track to go far. Indeed, science has so far proved effective on the side of Frédérick and Émilie, Bruno and Alicia or even Damien and Pauline.

The latter, compatible at 77%, have indeed had a big crush on each other as soon as they meet in front of the altar. Despite a small hiccup in their car, which broke down, Damien and Pauline never lost their good humor and were quickly very tactile. At the reception with their families, they even offered a sensual dance on the floor by multiplying kisses and tender gestures. The evening ended in the same atmosphere once they invested their romantic hotel room. Inseparable, it was obvious for the couple to sharing the same bed for their first night together. In the last episode, the cameras of the show therefore left them after they again kissed for a long time under their sheets. Everything therefore led to believe that the two candidates had gone further.

By the time you go to bed, you killed me“, has also entrusted a user to Pauline during a live Instagram made Tuesday, May 10, 2022. And for the pretty brunette to reveal: “Yeah it’s clear but above all that we have not actually slept. But in reality, Pauline did not deliver there a naughty anecdote. “No, but that’s not really why. We left at 5am from the reception, we went to bed around 6:15, something like that, to wake up at 7:15she explained. We went to bed super late and in the end, we didn’t sleep anything“.

The schedule of candidates Married at first sight is indeed very busy and they always have a lot to do on the set, especially with their personal interviews which collect their feelings. Never mind, nothing seems to have disturbed Damien and Pauline yet. In the next episode, viewers should follow them on their honeymoon. A step that often promises to be decisive for couples.

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