Dana Hamm grabs onto the trunk, naughty pulls the string, they say she made a face that she liked it

Once again, Dana Hamm left her fervent admirers speechless with a photograph that she uploaded to her social networks, in which she did not mind showing more than necessary when she was seen in the middle of the forest while she was grabbed the trunk and with a mischievous pose she taught more with a small swimsuit.

Considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, at 42 years old the renowned american model She owns a singular beauty and statuesque figure that has managed to make millions of people fall in love on digital platforms.

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Through his personal account on the Instagram social network, Dana Hamm shared a postcard that was very well received by users, in which he grabbed the trunk and with a pose mischievous pulls the string, which caused a wave of heat among his fans, who said he made a face that he liked it.

As is customary, the beautiful internet celebrity born in Florida, entertained the pupils of all her fans by posing as an expert in the middle of nature, wearing a small black swimsuit and a translucent robe that covered almost nothing.

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“Paint me blue!! This place gave me great Pandora vibes. Have you seen Avatar yet? I recommend it to you”, was the message that the popular 42 year old influencer He wrote in the description of his publication, with which he soon unleashed all kinds of reactions among Internet users.

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