Dancing with the stars back soon? Inès Vandamme responds

Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars ended several months ago. And viewers are already wondering when their favorite show will return to TF1. A question that Inès Vandamme answered on Instagram!

Hard not to be a fan of Dance with the stars. Competition, tensions, love stories… Each season, the program presented by Camille Combal brings viewers its share of chills and excitement thanks to the celebrities who participate. Whether Billy Crawford is the latest winner of the program, Priscilla Betti continues to regret not having won the adventure with Christophe Licata. “Me, I was made to do jives in heels. They gave me the total! Same, I was made to start the competition number one all the way then to the final in second. Even so, it got me drunk too because I found that Christopher Licata really deserved this year to win”, decided recently the interpreter of Tchouk Tchouk Music in TPMP People.

Moreover, Priscilla Betti is not the only one to have revelations to make on the program. This is also the case of Yanis Marshallwhich was dropped out of the competition twice when he had been asked to participate. “They did it to me twice and they never took me. I think it has nothing to do with my level of dancing. I had even met the producer. We did a screen test, which was very long and very exhausting. It was intense, it lasted a little over an hour! They never even bothered to call me back to give me the answerYes or no”, revealed the choreographer of the star Academy on the waves of South Radio.

When will Dancing with the Stars be back?

On the other hand, do not count on Inès Vandamme to spit in the soup. Present in Dance with the stars since season 10, Gael’s girlfriend is very proud to participate in this program. On October 25, after the elimination of Florent Peyré, the dancer had sent her all her pride on Instagram. “You were the perfect partner. Thank you for your kindness, your simplicity, your unfailing good humor, your way of approaching dance, our discussions on life… Before the competition, I had given myself a mission; that the public can discover Florent Peyre, the man you are behind the comedian… I think it’s mission accomplished! You delivered yourself to me, to all of us, to this show! You have invested yourself 300% … so for all that; THANK YOU MY FRIEND“, she reacted. And everyone is wondering now if Dance with the stars will soon return to television. Faced with the question of a user this Thursday, January 5, the dancer replied: “I’ve no idea”. You will have to take your troubles patiently!

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