Daniel Bisogno finds out that his ex already has a boyfriend and tells him to say “wall clock”

Mexico.- Daniel Bisogno and his ex-partner jesus castillo they staged a fight in Twitterafter the driver of “Windowing” He found out that the young man, 24 years younger than him, is starting a boyfriend.

Daniel Bisogno and Jesús met in 2019 and began their relationship in 2020, even Daniel would have asked her to marry him.

Everything was going well, but in November 2022 they broke up and everything was calm until a few days ago when Jesús Castillo announced that he had a new partner, which Daniel did not like.

Today I am going to train with the handsome man” and “Today I introduced the handsome man to all my friends,” wrote Jesus on social networks, which was applauded by his friends.

It seems that Daniel Bisogno did not like that Jesús Castillo resumed his love life with someone else. Photo: Special.

But Bisogno immediately gave him a hint through the Twitter platform.

Mija, don’t believe Rolex or Casio, you are a wall clock, they nail it anywhere,” Daniel Bisogno wrote on Twitter.

The show host’s tweet divided opinions among users, some calling it inappropriate, others taking it as a macho comment, and others reminding him that he has a young daughter.

Message released by Bisogno. Photo: Special.

Others reminded him that at least the wall clock was not in the closet, referring to the fact that he has never openly accepted that he is gay.

Jesús Castillo responds maturely to Daniel Bisogno

And as expected, the lawyer Jesús Castillo used the same means as her ex-boyfriend to send her a correct response.

No friends, I do not accept or respond to hints or aggression. In my life I only receive love and I am surrounded by it, therefore it is the only thing I have to give. I pity those souls condemned to solitude or paid company ”, wrote Jesús Castillo to Bisogno.

When they finished, Daniel took refuge with his friends. Photo: Special.

But it did not end there, followers of “The Muñe”as the driver of Aztec TVpointed out that it was inappropriate for Castillo’s comment to be related to “paid company.”

In the end, Daniel launched another message: “Unbelievable that people are so cynical.”

Jesús Castillo showed how happy he is with his new partner of whom nothing is known. Photo: Special.