Daniel Guichard: the angry singer, creates controversy on social networks

Through Tristan Mieger

– Modified Jan 25, 2023 at 2:39 PM

Daniel Guichard did not take tweezers to discuss the fate of unvaccinated caregivers during the pandemic.

This Sunday, January 22, Daniel Guichard was Déborah Grunwald’s guest on France Bleu. On the occasion of the promotion of his tour, the singer gave his opinion on several subjects. The interpreter of My pal, notably had a clear opinion on the vaccine and the treatment of caregivers during the Covid pandemic. A position that has been debated on social networks. Explanations.

Daniel Guichard gives a huge rant

Daniel Guichard doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket, to say the least. And even less, when it comes to discussing the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine. Indeed, almost a year ago, he spoke frankly of his reservations about vaccination. But this time, he went a little further. On France Bleu, the singer spoke at length about the fate of anti-vaccine caregivers. And he didn’t do it in half measures. For him, the treatment of these people is shameful.

Daniel Guichard

Daniel Guichard regrets in particular that they were suspended and did not receive salaries. But also that they are not today able to benefit from unemployment or any form of assistance: “It’s a shame what we did to caregivers who didn’t want to have an injection because they had doubts. It’s a shame that nurses who have COVID are being asked to go to work anyway. It is a shame to have brought in European firefighters when there are thousands of firefighters who have been suspended. The policies we have are a shame. People who didn’t say anything, it’s a shame“.

The singer mocked on social networks

A remarkable radio passage for Daniel Guichard. What wanted him an avalanche of comments. If some wanted to thank him, others simply made fun of him. Indeed, one could read messages like: Daniel Guichard is going to do a duet with Francis Lalanne? What is Rio Les Ringards called? “, “Contrary to appearances… Daniel Guichard is really not “the brain”, it would rather be the brêle…”. And you what do you think ?

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