Daniel Hartwich has Corona and Amira Pocher criticizes RTL

Updated on 03/22/2022 at 11:02 am

  • “Let’s Dance” presenter Daniel Hartwich has Corona and is canceled for the upcoming fifth show.
  • It is not yet clear who will replace him.
  • Is the show still wearable given the many Corona cases? Amira Pocher has already criticized.

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The next corona-related failure on “Let’s Dance”: moderator Daniel Hartwich has tested positive. He is also canceled for the upcoming fifth show on Friday (March 25, from 8:15 p.m. live on RTL and RTL+).

The 43 year old according to RTL go into quarantine. It is still unclear with whom Victoria Swarovski will lead the live show instead. The broadcaster wants to announce this in a timely manner, it is said.

René Casselly is also out due to Corona

Most recently, the corona infection of circus artist René Casselly became public, who also has to take a forced break. His dance partner Kathrin Menzinger had also tested positive last week and had to sit out the show last Friday (March 18).

The corona infections of the current season do not seem to end. Juror Joachim Llambi had to fit in the opening show. Actor Hardy Krueger Jr. fell out in the first two regular shows and finally had to leave the format completely.

The celebrity dancers Caroline Bosbach, Timur Ülker and Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg were also affected. In addition, the dance professionals Andrzej Cibis and Malika Dzumaev had to take a compulsory Corona break.

Amira Pocher criticizes RTL’s approach

The candidates and dance professionals who are suffering from Corona are accordingly absent for at least a week. Due to a lack of candidates, show three resulted in no one dropping out. In the show that followed, two couples were eliminated. The fans criticized this method on social networks. They felt it would be better to pause the show for several weeks.

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Amira Pocher is also not convinced of RTL’s approach. In the joint podcast “Die Pochers hier” with husband Oliver Pocher, the “Let’s Dance” candidate said: “I just think that’s so stupid about it. Of course you don’t choose it. But it’s not fair competition either, if someone keeps missing a week who might have been kicked out that week. He has a corona wildcard.” At the same time, she assumes that Corona will catch everyone once this season.
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