Daniel Hartwich with a nasty saying against Joachim Llambi

Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich shone in the first "let's dance"-Follow after the Easter break with quick wit.

Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich shone with quick-wittedness in the first “Let’s Dance” episode after the Easter break.Image: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

The Easter break on “Let’s Dance” is over, the remaining seven celebrities and professionals are again putting their performances on RTL on the floor. And the annual Discofox marathon is also back in the current edition. The moderators Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski are of course also back at the start, as is the jury consisting of Motsi Mabuse, Jorge González and Joachim Llambi.

Actually, Jorge’s unusual outfits are often a topic in the show, this time, however, the strict juror Llambi dared to go on stage with a special color. Daniel Hartwich didn’t go unmentioned, right at the beginning of the “Let’s Dance” episode they had a nasty exchange of blows.

Daniel Hartwich compares Knallhart juror Joachim Llambi with comic pig

When Hartwich announced the jurors, the first joke fell in the direction of Llambi. The moderator joked:

“But before that, you’re welcome to freak out now, because here are the three heads of the ‘Let’s Dance’ family, here are Motsi Mabuse, Jorge González and Peppa Pig!”

Joachim Llambi shows up in an interesting jacket "let's dance".

Joachim Llambi shows up in an interesting jacket on “Let’s Dance”.Image: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

Immediately after this announcement, the jury came and it was immediately clear who Hartwich meant with the cartoon allusion: In live show number eight, Llambi is wrapped in a jacket that shines in piggy pink. The moderator immediately corrected himself with a laugh: “Uh nonsense, of course that’s Mr. Llambi, my God, they continue exactly where they left off the last episode.”

This meant the jury dance of the last edition, in which Llambi appeared disguised as Dieter Thomas Kuhn with a wig. Llambi’s outfit was also discussed when evaluating the first performance of the evening, a tango by Mike Singer and Christina Luft. Hartwich continued to tease: “Mr. Llambi has a nice jacket on”. Finally he remarked:

“Mr. Llambi looks as if he had caught an Easter egg with salmonella.”

Llambi seemed to have had enough. The juror countered: “I didn’t have any Easter eggs this year, but the Easter bunny was nice to me.” When the moderator asked if the Easter Bunny had given him the jacket, he replied: “I can wear anything, not like you. They always wear dark gray or blue or black.” That ended the topic for now. The taunts between Llambi and Hartwich are now legendary, but the second put a clear shovel on it in the current episode.

Fans are disappointed with Amira Pocher

In the first half of the “Let’s Dance” show, the viewers were particularly bothered by Amira Pocher. Comedian Oliver Pocher’s wife danced a Cha Cha Cha with Massimo Sinató to “Kiss” by Tom Jones. The dance performance was rewarded by the jury with a total of 23 points – clearly too many for many fans: “The shoulders were too high, she was constantly looking down and it was shaking a lot.”judged one user harshly.

Other commentators finally stated that Amira apparently didn’t have much time for training either, because she was on vacation in the desert with her husband for over a week:

In the past week, Amira and Massimo had to tremble, in the current episode they got to the next round without much ado. In the upcoming “Let’s Dance” edition, among other things, the “Magic Moment” will be danced.