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In the first edition of her 2023 program, Magaly Medina introduced Daniela Castro, who accuses Renato Tapia of not recognizing her six-year-old son, a minor that she conceived out of wedlock. The young woman reveals that the soccer player sent her cousin José Martín Alva to take care of the little one

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On September 30, his cousin writes to me, I told him that if he was going to talk to me about abortion, I won’t talk about anythinghe told me how I can think of it ”, recounted Daniela Castro. In addition, she stated that she lived with the first of Tapia for four years.

He then continued with: “the Renato Tapia’s cousin was there to control me because I couldn’t upload photos to the networks nor do my normal life, I had normalized it enough. I would go out to the shopping centers and if someone I knew passed by, I would start. He covered the baby’s face.”

Renato Tapia is denounced by his ex-partner for not recognizing his six-year-old son:

The soccer player Renato Tapia is denounced by his ex-partner Daniela Castro for not recognizing his six-year-old son, a minor who was conceived outside of their marriage.

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“Until now he has not been recognized and he does not want to acknowledge it, it hurts for my son because they are making fun of my son. I was ashamed, I thought about him, about his career, but I got tired of it, I realized that it wasn’t for me, but for my son. I feel disappointed, I never claimed (…) He told me that he was not interested in his marriage, but in his career.” said

It is worth mentioning that Daniela Castro affirmed that Renato Tapia does know his son

“We went to Cieneguilla and it was in January that Renato Tapia appeared, he saw it, he loaded it. And he told me to trust his cousin, who did not have a pleasant life, but did it for his children “he commented while showing a photo of the soccer player with the child. “I asked a lawyer for help and I sent it to Renato that if he did not contact me he would take legal action, he answered me there.”

How did Renato Tapia meet Daniela Castro?

The young woman revealed in the Magaly Medina program that she met Renato Tapia in 2003, since they studied at the same school and were a couple. However, they both followed her path: she got pregnant and had her first daughter at the age of 16 and the soccer player married at 19.


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