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Magaly Medina He decided to continue with the serious accusation against Renato Tapia for not wanting to recognize his son with Daniela Castro. However, the popular ‘Urraca’ commented that action was taken on the matter and showed the lawsuit against the footballer live.

LOOK: Magaly Medina on Renato Tapia’s statement: “He intends to cover all of our mouths” (VIDEO)

Today, Dr. Claudia Zumaeta, the doctor who has taken charge of this case, has presented this document to the First Court of the Peace, a lawyer, who has filed the lawsuit for extramarital affiliation.”, The entertainment journalist said at the beginning.

Not because of this statement this is going to be left aside. We have to keep in mind that the first thing Daniela wants for her son is the last name, it is for Renato Tapia to sign her son, the conciliation, the visiting days […] That comes after he signed, whom he publicly already recognized as his son. […] But what do you need to get you to go and stamp your signature for your son?”, he questioned.

Magaly Medina on Renato Tapia’s statement: “He intends to cover our mouths all”

The host of “Magaly Tv La Firme” referred to the recent statement from soccer player Renato Tapia after being denounced for refusing to sign his son with Daniela Castro.

It should be noted that the Peruvian athlete expressed, through his social networks, regretting the way he handled the situation. “First, I regret the way I handled the issue and apologize publicly to each of the people in my family who were affected by it.”, he mentioned.

Likewise, the popular “Urraca” criticized that the footballer has not committed to legally recognize the minor. “He was able to resolve it in private six years ago (…) Not now, it’s too late, no one is going to come to pressure, not the media, not Daniela and her lawyer with ‘everything is going to take place. private’”, he expressed.



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