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Peruvian salsa singer Daniela Darcourt She pursues the goal of becoming a great exponent of this popular musical genre dominated mostly by men, always staying faithful to tropical music and persevering not to be “just one of the bunch,” the artist told Efe.

The novel Peruvian sonera (1996, Lima, Peru), with a four-year career as a soloist, will premiere on May 25 her second studio album “Empezando Otra vez”, which she was promoting in Panama recently, in which, among others, the songs “Te equivocaste conmigo” by Jorge Luis Piloto stand out, as well as “La doubt” and “Frente almirro” by the Panamanian composer Grettel Garibaldi.

The interpreter is “very clear” about her purpose of dedicating herself fully to salsa and being “one of those great exponents that really has a message and a story to deliver to people, not in search of a specific number (of musical successes)”.

I want to be a source of inspiration and motivation for many who are suddenly seeing me, who are listening to me and who also want to make music and find it somewhat complicated“, he claimed.

In the antipodes, and with the same conviction, Darcourt remarked that “I would not want to be a passing artist, nor become one more of the bunch”.

Even so, the Peruvian sauce boat did confess that she would like to “give herself the pleasure and luxury” of putting out a production purely of ballads or boleros “where I can make a son and invite more great artists (recognized) to join my voice and my dreams.”

“But never leave that tropical root, that Latin root that gave birth to me, of always giving back and thanking him in one way or another, making more music and more music, carrying a great and good message, which is the most important thing, to the world”, express.


Darcourt is one of the South American artists considered to have the greatest projection, owner of a career that began at the age of 8 as part of various musical projects, which she now develops as a soloist within salsa since 2018, the year in which she released her album “Esa It’s me”, point out its producers.

“That’s me” includes 14 songs recorded in the Dominican Republic. From this album came “Adiós Amor” and “Señor Mentira”, a song that currently has more than 53 million views on YouTube.

She has been nominated for “Revelation Artist” and “Best South Artist” at the fourth edition of the HTV Heat Awards, and was also number 1 on the Hot 100 Chart in Peru for two years and four consecutive singles.

He performed two concerts at the Lima Exhibition Park Amphitheater in November 2021 called “El Reencuentro”, from which the live albums “El Reencuentro Vol. 1″ and El Reencuentro Vol. 2″ came out.

She has also combined her work as a singer with that of a coach in the three 2021 versions of the talent show La Voz Perú.

She has had collaborations with renowned local and international performers, such as the Puerto Rican group, N’Klabe, and in 2020 the Puerto Rican salsero Tito Nieves invited her to be the art of his song “Si Tú Te Dareves”.

On the occasion of this collaboration, Nieves highlighted that Darcourt has “the voice, the talent” and great stage management, which for the Puerto Rican salsero makes her “a complete artist.”

Darcourt told Efe that Tito Nieves becomes “more than a musical godfather” for her, because “beyond the career and doing collaborations and concerts, having him as a life counselor is also vital and important for me.”


The “Queen of Salsa” Celia Cruz, Omara Portuondo and Colombian Mimi Ibarra are among the artists that Darcourt acknowledges have influenced her musical style, but admits that Puerto Rican singer La India (Linda Bell Viera Caballero ) has been the strongest.

Celia’s irreverence always caught my attention because she was something so different from what was seen at that time, she was incredible, imposing, how she dressed, she was a woman with a lot of presence, and I think that La India knew how to adopt all those things in the moment she was given the opportunity, backed by Celia herself”he pointed.

Darcourt is confident that in the future “there will be more salsa women in the world copying or making a career just as successful as the one Celia did,” although she says that she also has a mixture of influences from soneros such as Héctor Lavoe, Frankie Ruiz, Gilberto Santa Rosa. and Victor Manuelle.

But the Peruvian artist valued “female empowerment at this time in the music industry, not necessarily in salsa, but in all genres.”

“Like now including Grettel (Garibaldi), who is also a fighter and a dreamer, to be part of this process, of this dream… bringing together and merging her work and her dreams plus mine, I think it enhances the album (“Empezando again”) with much more force”he indicated.

Darcourt affirmed that this second musical album is for her “a new beginning, a before and after of many things in my life, throughout these four years as a soloist”. (Source: EFE)


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