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“Starting Again” is not only the title of the album of Daniela Darcourt which premieres today on platforms, for the artist, also means the beginning of a new stage in her career that finds her more mature, renewed and, above all, in control of her decisions at all levels. The nine songs that are included in the album are made to measure for her, from “You were wrong with me” to “In front of the mirror” and “When love is finished”, they are pure feeling that Daniela sings as snippets of the life of she.

“I am convinced that doing things well opens many doors for you, for example, that maestro Jorge Luis Piloto respects you and tells you that he is excited that his songs transcend his songs with my voice is a great achievement. Also that Rey Ruiz tells you: ‘hey, my respects have heard from you and how beautiful what you are doing’, and that Tito Nieves with almost 45 years of career, come and support you is a gift of life”, says the singer.

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The title of the album “Empezando Otra vez” says a lot, a few years ago you were the victim of bad people who, due to your inexperience, silenced your career for a long time.

I think the key word is the one you just mentioned, inexperience, this makes one really excited and makes very bad decisions.

In your case it was signing any contract, accepting inadequate proposals…

They excite you with something, they excite you, you sell your soul to the devil, that’s why I always say that dreams are not given to just anyone. At the time, it was my turn to do it, I gave my life and my dreams to people who perhaps were not the right ones, but who eventually made me here at this point in my life.

And what did you feel at that moment that you were tied up due to a bad contract and couldn’t sing?

I was depressed, I was living on medication, I recently found a video of those times in which my eyes look as if a five-day bomb had been dropped on me and it was because I was on pills. How much my life has changed from that moment to today.

You finally got out of that trap, you were able to overcome it, and this new album is a celebration of life.

It was a rebirth, starting over, that’s why I gave the album that name because after all that time I came back, but then the pandemic came and I said: wow, if I had already stagnated to a certain point, now with the pandemic what’s going to happen? happen. However, I had the blessing and the great joy of being able to work, of being with people who did not abandon me and that was really a great gift for me.

One of the nine songs on your album is called “Frente al mirror”, how did you see yourself as a young girl in front of the mirror?

As a young woman who grew up with many deficiencies, with many things that were missing at home. She actually saw a dreamy woman who she felt that at that age she was going to fulfill her goals.

You include on the album a song by Jorge Luis Piloto entitled, ‘Because it’s very hard to be alone’, is it a complaint in the form of a song?

There comes a point where one gets bored of being alone, it’s good, but it’s also a bad partner. She sometimes leads us to make wrong decisions, at the time of her it also happened to me and I think that when the teacher sent me this song I said: I have to do it yes or yes.

Does loneliness weigh you down?

I’ve had partners at the time when I was starting my career and no, and I didn’t feel complete, I didn’t feel full and I think this song speaks a lot about all that. People think that being alone is necessarily an empty room, but no, there are times when the public applauds you but you still feel alone.

Do you think your popularity scares off men who want to get close to you?

Yes, of course, it has happened to me many times already. In fact, my name makes a lot of noise, maybe I would have loved it if it wasn’t like that, but I had to live it and I feel that it’s something I have to adapt to.

Do you dream of the red carpet, the Grammys and having your name be heard at the ceremony?

Of course, and more than that they say Daniela, that they say Peru, because behind me there are Peruvian people, this dream is not only mine, if tomorrow they nominate us, it will be a letter of introduction for them.


Interview with Daniela Darcourt
Salsera Daniela Darcourt released her new album “Empezando Otra vez”, her first musical project after the pandemic.

Daniela Darcourt

In November 2021 he performed two concerts at the Amphitheater of the Lima Exhibition Park called “El Reencuentro”, He has been a coach in “La Voz Perú” in its three versions during 2021.