Daniela Katzenberger: Does Lucas Cordalis feel crushed in her marriage?

Things are not looking good for Lucas Cordalis right now. After the Bolognese gate, all of Germany is talking about the jungle prince’s freak out. The son of Costa Cordalis († 75) and husband of Daniela Katzenberger got involved in a nasty argument – ​​and that in front of the camera.

The behavior of Lucas Cordalis is now being discussed in public. Some even claim that the jungle camp candidate is only behaving so wrong because there would be a crisis in his marriage to Daniela Katzenberger. However, she continues to protect her loved ones (more on this here).

Daniela Katzenberger’s husband Lucas causes a scandal in the jungle camp

After day 14 in the jungle camp, the audience of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” splits into two camps. Some are convinced that Lucas Cordalis gambled away his chance for the jungle throne, while others testify that they would have done the same. The fact is: the 55-year-old didn’t come across as really likeable in the episode on Thursday (January 26).

In order to avoid conflicts with the other candidates, Lucas prefers to keep his thoughts to himself, as he explains to Gigi Birofio and Papis Loveday after a joint test: “In a team you lose together, in a team you win together. If you start like that now, then I can say a thousand things. I would like to spare myself that.” However, Lucas later does not dare to admit that he said this sentence in front of the assembled team. Instead, he makes it seem like Gigi and Daddies ostracized him because they didn’t get all the stars in the exam because of him.

Serious allegations: Is Lucas Cordalis unhappy with Daniela Katzenberger?

To explain himself, Lucas Cordalis compares living together in the camp with a relationship: “As in a relationship, there are sometimes things that bother you about your partner, and as long as they are acceptable you can ignore them – and even have to. “Does he mean his own? The musician leaves that open. However, Gigi emphasizes: “But that would be an unhappy relationship.” For him, a partnership in which problems are not addressed is like living in a lie.

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Also in the subsequent program “I’m a star – get me out of here!” The hour after” is hotly debated about the statements made by Lucas Cordalis. Ex-jungle camper Natascha Ochsenknecht is certain that the 55-year-old will have to back down more often than expected in his marriage to Daniela Katzenberger. “There are so many things wrong with him. If you suddenly throw in a relationship that has nothing to do with it and say that…” the model explains. And further: “It suddenly seemed so sad to me, it really collapsed.”