Daniela Katzenberger, Ferdinand Hofer and Co.: Celebrities and inflation

Inflation is at a record level: Many people in Germany are becoming increasingly concerned – including celebrities.

7.3 percent inflation! End consumers are shocked when they look at the price tags in the supermarket, the petrol pump or the heating bill and have to save, do without and cut back. But what about the stars like “Tatort” actor Ferdinand Hofer (29), Daniela Katzenberger (35) and Barbara Engel (69), the ex-wife of actor Bernd Herzsprung (80)? People who don’t really have to worry about their financial situation are also noticing the rise in prices. And do they also have to tighten their belts a little as a result? BUNTE.de asked the national celebrities and found out: they too are changing their purchasing behavior.

Ferdinand Hofer: “I fell from all clouds”

The “Tatort” actor Ferdinand Hofer is even considering changing his vacation plans. As he reported to BUNTE.de, he actually wanted to do a road trip in the summer. But when he was at the gas station a few days ago and saw the current fuel prices of over 2 euros per liter, he wanted to think it over more carefully: “I was blown away,” admits the 29-year-old, who currently works for “The Emperor” stands in front of the camera.

Anouschka Renzi: “I find the situation very depressing at the moment”

Acting colleague and ex-“jungle camp” participant Anouschka Renzi (57) is currently refraining from expenses that do not necessarily have to be. “I don’t just throw my money out and don’t go shopping. Actually, for example, I wanted to have my apartment painted in the summer, but I’m not doing that now. It costs 2,500 to 3,000 euros. I’ll postpone that for now,” says she BUNTE.de and makes it clear that “Tralala editions” are not important to her. Nevertheless, she admits that the two years of Corona have “emotionally burdened her”. “Being at the mercy of being a freelance artist made me more cautious,” she says, even though she’s lucky enough to have several theater engagements going. Nevertheless, she is careful with her money and takes precautions, because she has seen too many people who, after years of television series and despite their success, were suddenly really poor. “I’ve never been a big waste of money. I’m not someone who overdraws or gets into debt,” she clarifies.

“I really feel sorry for the people who have really little money. That’s actually very unfair. I see it here in Berlin too: there’s a church next door that distributes food once a week. Queues are forming there now until it’s impossible – and these are normal citizens who just can’t make it anymore and stock up on basic groceries there.If you think about the fact that you pay 1.50 euros for a cucumber or 3.00 euros for a few tomatoes, that’s it Yes, it’s all crazy,” she says. “I find the situation very depressing at the moment.”

Daniela Katzenberger heats less: “I love my blankets”

The price increases have also reached the Mallorcan by choice Daniela Katzenberger and her family. She still tries to take the situation with humor: “You don’t have to buy new clothes every day, you can also get by with 2 degrees less on the thermostat – I love my blankets anyway,” says the 35-year-old to BUNTE.de. But she knows that it’s not an easy situation, especially for families, and makes it clear: “I can’t really complain here, because my family and I are fine. But of course we also pay attention to our expenses”. But that’s not a problem for the mother of a six-year-old daughter: “I was always a frugal person, precisely because we didn’t have a lot of money when I was a child. That definitely shaped me.” Lucas Cordalis’ (54) wife also thinks: “Honestly, the people you love make you really happy and not thousands of trips or shopping bags.”

Madita van Huelsen: She is a proven saver

Madita van Huelsen (41) thinks so too, and she even goes one step further and buys groceries that would otherwise be thrown away. Websites like “Sirplus” offer pasta, rice, avocado and Co. with small mistakes at a reduced price: “You’re doing something good with it, you’re a food hero and you’re doing something good for yourself and your wallet,” explains the moderator to BUNTE.de. Incidentally, she inherited her talent for saving money from her mother, she says proudly.

Claudia Obert: “I do it like the Pope”

Reality star Claudia Obert (60) has also been saving since the price increase. But instead of a parent, the fashion entrepreneur prefers to take the pope as a role model: “I do it like the pope, spend as much as I need,” she jokes in the BUNTE.de interview. The ex-“Battle of the Reality Stars” participant adds pragmatically: “I can calculate very well, I save 10 percent. The last shirt has no pockets and if so, then I have nothing in it”.

Barbara Engel: “What we’re doing here is complaining at a high level”

While many Germans and celebrities are shocked by the prices here, Barbara Engel, the ex-wife of actor Bern Herzsprung, would also like to draw attention to poor countries like Sri Lanka. For years, the former “jungle camp” candidate has been committed to the people of the South Asian country. She even lived there for a few years and is therefore familiar with the challenges: “The people there are really in a bad way. They have nothing left to eat, the light goes out,” she explains to BUNTE.de. “What we’re doing here is complaining at a high level,” she warns. Nevertheless, she finds the profiteering in the crisis to be extreme and knows that it must be quite a change, especially for large families. She herself hasn’t noticed the inflation yet: “I’m alone, I buy so little. I hardly notice that it’s getting more expensive and I’m frugal. I don’t have a car,” she explains.

Caro & Andreas Robens: “It definitely cannot go on like this”

The “Goodbye Germany” stars Caro (43) and Andreas Robens (55) try as best they can, despite the explosion in prices, to support aid organizations, for example for Ukraine or animal shelters in Mallorca, their adopted home. There is also a surcharge for your employees, because they are also very affected, says Caro Robens to BUNTE.de. “Unfortunately, after 10 years, we too had to adjust the prices in the gym a bit, otherwise the running costs would eat us up,” she admits, because everything on Mallorca has also become extremely expensive. “A normal purchase, for which I used to pay 150 euros, now costs 200 euros,” she says, shocked. The solution of the emigrant couple: We will invest more in tangible assets, since the money in the bank is no longer of any use here either and loses too much value”. But that too is a luxury that not everyone can afford. “They do it for us People who already had to pay a lot of attention to money, very sorry. Could afford little before and now nothing at all. It definitely can’t go on like this,” the two think.

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