Daniela Katzenberger: Hard words from Iris – “Do you fit in there?”

Daniela Katzenberger: Hard words from Mama Iris – “Do you still fit in there”

Daniela Katzenberger: This is how the cheeky TV blonde ticks

Daniela Katzenberger: This is how the cheeky TV blonde ticks

Since her first TV appearances in 2009, Daniela Katzenberger has been an integral part of German television.

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Those are tough words Daniela Katzenberger find now. In her podcast, which she co-manages with husband Lucas Cordalis, she now talks about the dark days of her youth.

The otherwise so funny and happy Daniela Katzenberger is now talking about a serious topic. It concerns her mother Iris Klein.

Daniela Katzenberger: Mother Iris Klein makes character comment

Most girls and women have struggled with their shape at least once in their lives. Especially in the teenage years, when the body changes, this topic is very present – also with Daniela Katzenbergeras she divulges in her podcast “Katze & Cordalis”.


You have to get over that Daniela Katzenberger to know:

  • Your career started with a nude photo in the “Bild”
  • In order to get into “Playboy”, Daniela traveled to Los Angeles (USA) with the “Up and Away” camera team in 2009. She now has her own series on RTL2, which will continue in 2022
  • She has been with singer Lucas Cordalis since early 2014 – the couple have a daughter together named Sophia
  • The family lives on the Spanish island of Mallorca
  • Her mother Iris Klein and her sister Jenny Frankhauser are also in the public eye


“Of course I got boobs too, a bit of ass, some hips. I was with her in the city at the time because I needed a new bikini and then I picked out the size S. Then she said: ‘Size S? I don’t know if your butt fits in there'”.

Daniela Katzenberger takes drastic measures

It is obvious that they take such statements from their mother with them. Then the young Daniela took heavy steps: “I covered my breasts with scotch tape because you get such big nipples at the beginning. Then you can see the shrapnel on every T-shirt and then I stuck them up with scotch tape so my mother wouldn’t tease me.”


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And even today, her body is extremely important to Daniela Katzenberger. She recently noticed a change and shared it with fans on Instagram. You can read more about this here.