Daniela Katzenberger: Im Klinsch? This is how sister Jenny reacts to the rumours

They were once considered a well-rehearsed team! But the rumor mill has been bubbling for a long time when it comes to the relationship between reality star Daniela Katzenberger (35) and half-sister Jenny Frankhauser (29). Frankhauser’s pregnancy was only recently announced – but the baby news faded into the background shortly afterwards, because Daniela Katzenberger surprisingly unfollowed her sister on Instagram!

“Short sign of life”: In the video above you can see the completely changed Daniela Katzenberger.

What’s behind it? Completely unclear so far! However, it is striking that the wife of hit star Lucas Cordalis (54) has not yet commented on her younger sister’s pregnancy. Now Jenny commented on the rumors for the first time and spoke up with a cryptic message.

Daniela Katzenberger doesn’t let the alleged argument with sister Jenny show anything

There have always been phases in the past when Daniela and Jenny did not get on well with each other. But almost two years ago, the daughters of Iris Klein (54) finally got closer again. Now a new ice age seems to have broken out! However, Daniela Katzenberger does not show any of this. She is currently raving about family time with husband Lucas and daughter Sophia (6) in her Instagram story: “We are in a fully relaxed mode. We are really enjoying that we are not shooting anything.” The 35-year-old continues: “Sophia is also on vacation. That means the three of us are still out and about every day and that feels really nice right now. There’s no stress at all, no pressure and no appointments really.”

Jenny Frankhauser: “Keep calm and trust in karma!”

Half-sister Jenny, on the other hand, was more serious in her Instagram story. The mom-to-be explained to her fans on Wednesday (April 20) that she is currently struggling with bad skin: “It’s nervous for me. I can’t let myself be provoked and annoyed anymore, I can’t get upset anymore. That’s it not so good for me either!” A dig at Daniela Katzenberger? It’s quite possible, because Jenny added on Instagram: “Keep calm and trust in karma.” The last word has certainly not yet been spoken here!