Daniela Katzenberger: Lucas Cordalis was a “brutal hypochondriac” in front of the jungle

Daniela Katzenberger: “I would have preferred to wrap Lucas in cling film”

“Lucas definitely doesn’t like it at all when I tell it now, but I don’t care,” the TV star begins his Instagram story. “Because he was infected with Corona, he was such a brutal hypochondriac this year and especially the last two weeks. That he’s even out of the house,” jokes Daniela and says that she was a few years ago We were eating in a restaurant a few days ago and a man was sitting a few tables away who was coughing all the time. Daniela didn’t bother that much, Lucas, on the other hand, became restless and didn’t want to get infected under any circumstances – because then the jungle camp would have been history for Costa Cordalis’ son († 75) this year too.

“I don’t know him at all. He doesn’t really give a shit. I could sneeze on his plate or fart in his face, he wouldn’t care,” laughs Daniela. She found her husband’s behavior a bit exaggerated, but of course she also understood Lucas very much. Because “it’s really so important to him,” explains Jenny Frankhauser’s big sister (30). “I would have preferred to wrap it in cling film,” jokes Daniela in her story, adding: “I also hope that nobody sneezes or coughs on the flight.”

Even if the TV emigrant ridicules her husband’s behavior, she can of course fully understand him and hopes that he will become king of the jungle – just like his late father Costa in 2004.