Daniela Katzenberger on Cordali’s jungle off: “It’s been a few days”

Daniela Katzenberger unpacks Lucas Cordalis’ jungle camp: “It’s been a few days”

Jungle camp: five facts about Dr. Bob that you didn’t know

Jungle camp: five facts about Dr. Bob that you didn’t know

dr Bob has long been part of the inventory of the popular RTL reality show “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here”. Before each exam, the jungle doctor informs the candidates about their challenges and the dangers. But what about Dr. Bob actually known?

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It got the next celebrity. The husband of Daniela Katzenberger, Lucas Cordalis, has tested positive for Corona and cannot take part in the jungle camp (DER WESTEN reports).

Daniela Katzenberger chatted out more details about her husband’s corona disease in her Instagram story.

Daniela Katzenberger: Suddenly the cell phone rings every minute

Daniela Katzenberger had just taken her daughter Sophia to school when her cell phone suddenly rang every minute. Pausing briefly at the side of the page, concerned that something bad might have happened.

The shock news: Husband Lucas Cordalis has Corona and cannot take part in the jungle camp, as of now. But as Daniela now announces in her Instagram story, she has known for a long time.

Daniela Katzenberger divulges details about Lucas Cordalis’ corona disease

“He told me yesterday at 9.30 p.m. that my husband has Corona. Honey, I didn’t tell you on purpose because I didn’t want you to tell Sophia because otherwise she’d be sad,” reports the cult blonde. And further: “He’s probably had it for a few days. He must have gotten it somewhere along the way.”

She immediately wants to nip a rumor in the bud and emphasizes: “I’ve read it quite often, ‘he must have gotten that from your mother’. No, they had no contact at all. My husband has been in quarantine for so long and has been tested. Everything was fine.” Mama Iris Klein was infected with the virus a few days ago and she also had to cancel a TV appearance (read more here>>>).

Daniela Katzenberger advises Lucas NOT to

While Lucas Cordalis is deeply saddened in his own Insta story and hopes that he may still be able to move into the jungle camp in a few days, his “cat” has a different opinion.


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“Should he be negative again in a few days and come in as a latecomer, then that’s only half a story for me. I’m a friend of all or nothing.” Instead, she advises him to attack again next year.

Daniela Katzenberger: Mann Cordalis without major symptoms

“Lucas is fine. He has a bit of body aches. He has no fever or loss of taste,” explains the 35-year-old about her loved one’s state of health. It remains to be seen whether Lucas Cordalis will still be seen in the Australian jungle.

Shortly before the start of the jungle camp, ex-participant Christin Okpara has to pack her things again. After the broadcaster kicked her out of the program, she kicked hard. More about it here >>>